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Max Callari (1971) is an indipendent photographer with professional experience.
Born in historic center of Rome and raised in the world of visual arts thanks to his father's prolific pictorial activity during the 70s and 80s, he met and frequented important exponents of art scene from a very young age, including Domenico Purificato, Ilia Peikov, Ibrahim Kodra, Aldo Riso, Erik Hebborn.
He trained at the Artistic High School and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome under the teachings of illustrious masters such as Roberto Bossaglia, Fabio Vergoz, Roberto Almagno, Giorgio Scalco, Edolo Masci, Romano Lotto, Valeriano Ciai, Emanuele Floridia, Miro Bonaccorsi and the historians of the art Anelia Pinna, Maurizio Marini, Luigi Paolo Finizio.
After professional experiences gained in interior design as an interior designer and technical designer at an important architecture studio and in contemporary art as founder and owner of Art's Moment the innovative multifunctional artistic space inaugurated with the anthological exhibition of the Master Julianos Kattinis located near the MACRO area and moved the following year to the Trastevere district in front of the famous Fontana del Prigione (1587-1590), in the immediately following phase of his professional life Max Callari starts from the knowledge of analogue photography already studied for many years first and decides to approach digital photography while preserving the purity and genuineness offered by photographic film.
From this phase comes a series of commissioned works and personal projects ranging from professional books for cinema to architecture, from photographic stories to urban reportage; various collaborations with artists and publishing houses; personal exhibitions at institutional venues and participation in contemporary art exhibitions in some important cities including Treviso, Naples and Venice on the occasion of a Biennale with a well-known gallery with offices also in Turin and New York.
In 2019 with the work Il segno e la forma he is one of the three winners of Nothing but Art the prestigious international contemporary art award curated by MF Eventi and Arte Borgo Gallery at Palazzo Velli Expo where in the same year in occasion of the collective event Connect with us exhibits together with 11 other artists his visual project entitled Lost, a conceptual work, complex and essential at the same time, very far from his usual narrative schemes inspired by the theme of the "incommunicability" a personal tribute by the author to the immensity of Master Michelangelo Antonioni.
In 2020 Animavolto the new photographic project created in collaboration with the actor and director Massimiliano Caprara successfully participates in WEFO2020 the new edition of Month of Photography organized by Casa della Fotografia (www.cfroma.it).
Is also co-ideator, co-author and radio speaker of Pillole di Photo the bi-weekly in-depth column of photographic culture conceived and written with the Producer and DJ Andrea Striano il Drago on air every Friday on Radio Godot with his Rock Night Show.
Max Callari lives his art in an intense and visceral way, his personal projects are always characterized by an essential observation of reality.
His way of photographing always aims to tell something by finding its maximum expression in monochrome: his black and white has been defined as "rich in colors" and he regards his grays as the tones of a musical score.
His activity as a photographic author has been followed over the years by Carlo Savini, critic and art historian, President of UECAL (Academy of the European Union of Art and Literature Critics) with offices in Rome, Brussels, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid.


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